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Sunset Homes makes your sunroom and gazebo come to life!

A new sunroom built by Sunset Homes will give you a unique and beautiful extension to your home. Don't let old man winter put a dampner on your spirit. With a all season sunroom, you can become part of the outdoors even in the middle of a cold Ottawa winter day. Sit in your sunroom and enjoy the luxury of all the natural light, while sitting near your wood stove and looking into your backyard through the large windows of your newly built sunroom.

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Add elegance to your home!

A sunroom designed and built by Sunset Homes will add elegance and an extra living space to your home. Beautifully built sunrooms are known to be huge selling features and increase the value of your home.

We will build your sunroom to your exact specifications, or choose from our expertise and consultation with a suggested design for you. You can be sure that your sunroom will look like a natural extension to your home if you are concerned about it meshing with your home. Your new sunroom will surely make you feel like you are on vacation everytime you sit in your sunroom.

The best kitchens begin with a detailed and tailored design that suits your budget and family requirements. Speaking and planning with Sunset Homes can save you a lot of money, time and mistakes.

Make your sunroom efficient!

It is important when you design your sunroom that you have the right blend of glass exposure for energy efficiency and the proper amount of insulation. These two factors are major design considerations to maximize the efficiency of your sunroom.

Good airflow and ceiling fans can distribute the natural heat collected in the winter from the south facing windows and distribute the free energy of the sun throughout other areas of your home. This important factor can decrease your consumption of energy needed to heat your home in the winter saving you extra money on your heating bill.

Sunset Homes has access to a large supply of energy efficient materials such as:
. Smooth aluminum.
. Wood choices for interior, that creates natural warmth.
. For a durable and energy efficient choice, choose vinyl cladding. Great for Ottawa's extreme weather.

What would you do in your sunroom?

* Make it a dining area.
* An all season room for entertaining.
* A cozy room to relax and unwind.
* Make it for star gazing and viewing your backyard.
* Turn it into your personal spa.
* Heating,cooling and ventilation choices.

Give your sunroom some thought,and knowing the purpose of what you will use your new sunroom for will help us determine what suits your needs. Sunset Homes can help you to determine:

. The size
. The style
. Structural materials used
. Plan for electrical and plumbing needs
. How the newly built room should be situated to get the proper sun and light exposure

If you have seen a picture, or maybe you already have a design, Sunset Homes will make your dreams come true with your very own sunroom sooner than you can imagine. You could be in your new sunroom this winter! Ottawa's winters are long, so why not enjoy it.

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Why choose Sunset Homes to build your sunroom?

We offer full service

. Sunst Homes will complete your sunroom from start to finish, giving you a turnkey product.

Quality materials

. We ensure quality standards and attention to detail throughout the entire process.

Our quote is final

. What we quote you during the consultation is the price you pay on completion of your sunroom.

Guaranteed satisfaction

. Sunset Homes guarantees every construction project we do!

Eco-friendly construction

. Sunset Homes practices mindful building construction. We clean and recycle what we can from every construction project. We do our part to keep extra waste out of the landfill.


Gazebos by Sunset Homes


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What Is A Gazebo? - [ga·ze·bo]

A gazebo is a freestanding structure with various roof choices, it can be octagonal sometimes and offers open 360 degree views in all directions. Gazebos are usually used for relaxation or entertainment. Gazebos of all kinds of sizes and appearances are found in parks, gardens, backyards and public areas. Gazebos provide shade and are beautiful places to be while you barbeque and entertain on Ottawa's beautiful summer days.

You have many choices of materials for gazebos such as:
. woods of all kinds and colors
. custom concrete shapes, designs and contours
. masonary walls
. steel

Create a unique gazebo with Sunset Homes

Ottawa gazebo construction

Sunset Homes can create a unique and beautiful gazebo to blend harmoniously in your yard, or make it stand out as a beautiful feature in your backyard. We can help you decide on the size and material you would like to use for your gazebo. Give us a call and book your appointment to discuss all the options available that you have today.

A gazebo is an affordable investment and adds value to your home!


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