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It is surprising how inexpensive a beautiful siding renovation can be. With so many colors and styles to choose from, Sunset Homes can guide you and help you to decide in something that is suitable to you and your home. With our professional installation, Sunset Homes can have your home looking completely different in just a short time.

Your home will have new "curb appeal" and be extremely attractive if you are in the market to sell your home. Sunset Homes uses top quality materials of your selection, we guarantee our work and always clean up our work site after we are finished the job. A vinyl siding repair or upgrade is Ottawa's most popular selection when choosing a siding renovation. Some of your choices in siding include:

Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Canexel and Fiber Cement Board

An expert vinyl siding installation from Sunset Homes has the following benefits:

- A new curb appeal that makes your home attractive and increases its value
- An inexpensive renovation, that lasts many years.
- The siding protects your home from the elements
- Vinyl siding is durable to the cold and the heat extremes of an Ottawa climate
- Vinyl siding won't peel, crack or rot; it's easy to clean and it never needs painting.


"Old world charm"


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If you want to go for the old world charm, then why not choose a beautiful wood siding package for your home. Wood is not only beautiful and rugged, but it also has been used since the early days of home construction. Wood siding comes in several different variations.

Wood clapboard siding has the old world charm look, and last for many years when properly maintained. Wood clapboard siding does require some periodic painting and upkeeping. However the beauty of the siding and the natural wood, makes this an excellent choice for the harsh temperatures of the Ottawa region.

If you are looking for the look that makes you think of the cottage, then cedar shakes is definitely for you. You will fall in love with your home everyday, when you pull up to your driveway and see your home blended into your yard with the natural earth tones that the cedar shakes are usually stained in. Cedar shakes don't require painting and have slightly lower maintenance then wood clapboard siding.

Whatever your choice might be, you can be assured the Sunset Homes will give you a complete and guaranteed installation of your siding of choice.

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