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Sunset Homes would be more than happy to finish up your renovated or newly built home with a uniquely created landscape design from Sunset Homes. We can give you a spectacular yard that you will enjoy for years to come. There are 2 types of construction that can fall into any landscape project.

Soft Landscaping

This type of landscaping encompasses the usage and planning of flowers, shrubs and trees. Careful selection and strategic placement of them in your yard will give you long lasting greenery that is suitable for the Ottawa climate. We can also suggest placing shade trees that will help make your home more efficient in the hot summer days that Ottawa can experience.

Using soft landscaping involves no actual construction or damage to your yard. Your total yard can be transformed in a short time. The usage of containers and fountains, combined with grass, trees, and shrubs can give you privacy and continued growth and transformations as your yard matures.

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping has the most dramatic changes of appearance to your yard. Some elements of hard landscaping can include the addition of walkways, driveways, patios, decks and paving stones. The natural stone and wood features that Sunset Homes uses for landscaping are comleted by our skilled and detailed craftsman.

At Sunset Homes, we want your yard to be your sanctuary and provide you with a functional landscape that you can enjoy for years to come. Ask Sunset Homes how we can blend your yard into the surrounding area to naturally compliment your home.

Some of our landscaping services include:

  • >>Patios
  • >>Walkways
  • >>Tree planting
  • >>Compactor service
  • >>Ponds
  • >>Water features
  • >>Armor stone walls
  • >>Paving stone

>>And much more

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The best landscapes begin with a detailed and tailored design that suits your budget and requirements. Planning with Sunset Homes can save you a lot of money, time and mistakes. Start planning your landscape with this FREE LANDSCAPE design software from SmartDraw.

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At Sunset Homes we believe in "green" and what's good for the environment. We purchase our soils and stones right here in Russell, Ontario at Therkelsen & Sons Ltd.

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