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Everyday your kitchen is used many times a day. The kitchen is the most used room in the entire house for most families. Your kitchen needs to be structured and have a smooth flow to mesh seamlessly with todays busy families. An unorganized and cluttered kitchen simply does not work in the fast paced lives of most of us today.

Some things you might want to take into consideration when planning for a kitchen renovation from Sunset Homes are:

  • >>The size of your family
  • >>How often you entertain, and how many guests on the average
  • >>Kitchen storage
  • >>What type of kitchen cabinets
  • >>Countertops, appliances and materials to be used
  • >>Flooring
  • >>Windows and treatments
  • >>Your budget


The best kitchens begin with a detailed and tailored design that suits your budget and family requirements. Speaking and planning with Sunset Homes can save you a lot of money, time and mistakes.


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Sunset Homes can create your very own personal spa!

Sunset Homes Bathrooms

Add Value To Your Home With A Quality Bathroom Renovation By Sunset Homes!


Our expertise and fine attention to detail creates the perfect combination to giving you a personalized and unique bathroom design concept. Bathrooms are often overlooked in many homes when home owners consider renovation projects for their homes. Giving some extra thought into a bathroom renovation not only increases your homes value, but also gives you a beautiful and functional room you will want to spend more time in!

Jumpstart your ideas with:

Change the old or out-dated tiles
Put in a modern sink-go for the unusual shape, or pedestal sink you always wanted
Colour compliment your tiles
Textured walls look great in a bathroom
Replace that old tub with a modern shower stall or jet tub
Knock out a wall and create a grand bathroom, attached to your master bedroom


What you can expect with a quality Sunset Home bathroom

  • >>A beautiful and functional bathroom renovation
  • >>Our "special touch" added to your bathroom, for our personalized flair
  • >>Quality sourced material forr durability and lifespan
  • >>Lighting solutions to compliment and add ambiance to your newly renovated bathroom
  • >>Your selected and suggested bathroom fixtures and accessories expertly installed
  • >>Flooring and backsplash tiles that give your bathroom a distinctive look
  • >>Millwork and detailed trim expertly fitted with perfect craftmanship
  • >>Paint colour suggestions
  • >>Turnkey bathroom with expert clean-up


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