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Basement Finishing


Basement finishing is likely one of the most challenging and unique renovation/improvement challenges for your home. If you are considering in investing money into your basement, then it is important to have a design plan, budget and the experience that Sunset Homes can offer to you when taking on your basement renovation project.

There are many challenges in remodelling or improving a basement that you won't have in other parts of your home. Some of the challenges to deal with in a basement are things such as your basement being to cold, dark, damp, ceiling height, posts, beams, ductwork, pipes, furnace, and stairs.

Sunset Homes has the experience in dealing with the special problems that basements can often present. We will help you make your ideas a reality. Why not get Sunset Homes to create that special basement design for you? Let your basement renovation be stress free. We will bring your basement to life, and it soon could be your favorite place in your home. Sunset Homes can guide you every step of the way from the design of your basement right to the paint colour and lighting.

Some Basement Renovation Ideas:

* Family area
* Bar/lounge for entertaining guests
* Recreation room for pool table, gaming room etc.
* Man den for watching sports, movies on a home theatre
* Guest or rental suite
* Home office or gym
* Play room for kids
* Extra bedrooms


Taking the first step to Renovating your basement with Sunset Homes


Sunset Homes will help you determine if you might need to do preliminary repairs to your basement before actual construction can begin. We will guide you every step of the way during your renovation. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, then you should budget for fixing the following potential problems:

. Do you need to stoop in your basement to avoid bumping your head on beams or ducts?
. Do you see any moisture or mold on the floors or basement walls?
. Do you notice a musty smell on objects or clothing stored in your basement currently?
. Do you have cracks that appear to widen or shrink in the walls or the floor?

Basement repair Ottawa


Sunset Homes to the rescue!


We will do the following in our inspection of your basement:

. Determine moisture sources, if any.
. Look for cracks. Small cracks likely can be repaired on the inside. Larger moisture laden cracks will need to be repaired from the outside wall.
. Check for proper drainage and sloping away from your basement walls.
. Check on eavestroughs and downspouts, making sure rain water moves away from the basement.
. Check for window wells.
. Look for floor drains and sump pumps for your basement.
. Check for a backwater valve on your sewer line.

Sunset Homes believes in honest quality work. We work for you, our valuable customer. Before we start every basement renovation we give you the information and facts needed to help you decide if you are a good candidate for a basement renovation. Our inspection is thorough and informative. It is no wonder why Sunset Homes is rated to be the best contractor in Ottawa.

See the CMHC Guide for Renovating your basement for livability.


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