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At Sunset Homes our commitment and family values that we bring to our customers in the Ottawa area is unlike anything in the industry.

We focus on our quality and unique personal touch we bring to every single project we tackle. Unlike large companies in the Ottawa area who concentrate on getting large volumes of customers, Sunset Homes believes in working closely with the customer and giving you the best built home or renovation that you deserve at a fair price.

We believe in quality workmanship, happy customers and a professionally done job, no matter if it is just installing a single window or building an entire custom designed home.

You can count on Sunset Homes for all of your building and renovation needs. No job is too small or big!

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The Best Of Professionals

Don't settle for unprofessional and cheap fly-by-night companies promising you the world and not delivering.

Our world is full of people trying to take advantage of your hard earned money. Trust only reputable and long standing professionals. Sunset Homes has nearly 15 years of service in the construction industry. We have the equipment, manpower and materials to get your job done on -time and on-budget. Get started by clicking the buttom below for your FREE QUOTE.

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See how Sunset Investments can help you build your dream home in beautiful tropical Ecuador!

Our History

Our company is a family style business based out of Russell, Ontario. We have been serving the Ottawa region for nearly 15 years. My father has taught me that hard work and honesty go a long way. That exact family value is part of what make Sunset Homes the successful company that it is today. Come and talk with us, have a laugh, a smile, we're all family here.

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"I want to thank you and Frank for the great work you have done, and please feel free to use Terry and I as references in the future!

I know our job was a little unusual, so we appreciate the time you spent on it and the quality of the work you did was excellent. You guys do solid work and we really appreciate it. I can tell that everything you built will last for a very very long time!
By the way, everything you say on your website it true :).....Free estimate, quality work, dependable service, competitive pricing, etc. "